Doing Business with SO

The Simons Observatory Collaboration is comprised of 39 Institutions around the world and over 300 scientists, engineers and staff. Construction on the site will be complete in 2024 and observations will continue to at least 2030.

Our latest RFPs:

Advanced Simons Observatory (ASO) Renewable Energy System Request for Proposals

The focus of this RFP call is for a design, which will enable the integration, deployment, and operationalization of a new, high-altitude renewable energy power plant – primarily a photovoltaic array (PVA) with the potential for supplemental wind-power-generation system deployments – located roughly 0.6 kilometers Southeast of the SO site. This location will be referred to as the ASO PVA site throughout this RFP document. The mid-latitude, high-altitude location coupled with extremely dry annual weather conditions result in the site’s consideration as ideal for efficient PVA operation.

Download the PDF of the Renewable Energy System RFP Here.