Theory And Analysis Committee

The Theory and Analysis Committee (TAC) will oversee the design of the SO surveys and their data analyses. The TAC is chaired by Erminia Calabrese. The SO members on the TAC are:

Analysis Working Groups

The TAC oversees the work of the Analysis Working Groups (AWG), which are:

Small Aperture Telescope B-modes (BB): Josquin Errard, David Alonso and Max Abitbol (BB.1 and BB.2)

Foregrounds (FG): Marcelo Alvarez and Nicoletta Krachmalnicoff (FG.1), Colin Hill and Davide Poletti (FG.2)

Large Aperture Telescope Power Spectrum (PS): Thibaut Louis (PS.1) and Xavier Garrido (PS.2)

Thermal and kinetic SZ (SZ): Matt Hilton and Boris Bolliet (SZ.1), Colin Hill and Emmanuel Schaan (SZ.2):

Galactic science (GS): Brandon Hensley and Susan Clark

Lensing and Bispectrum (L3): Mat Madhavacheril and Blake Sherwin (L3.1), Simone Ferraro and Giulio Fabbian (L3.2), Toshiya Namikawa and Alex Van Engelen (L3.3), Daan Meerburg and Will Coulton (L3.4)

Sources and Transients (ST): Giuseppe Puglisi (ST.1), Carlos Hervias Caimapo, Sigurd Naess (ST.2)

Likelihood and theory (LT): Martina Gerbino and Tim Morton (LT.1), David Alonso (LT.2), Antony Lewis (LT.3)