Advanced Simons Observatory (ASO) Renewable Energy System Request for Proposals

This request for proposals (RFP) document is aimed at providing an overview for firms wishing to provide a proposal (Phase 0), for the design (Phase 1), and implementation (Phase 2) of the Advanced Simons Observatory (ASO) renewable energy project, to consist primarily of a photovoltaic array (PVA) and, possibly, additional supplemental wind energy production capacity.

The focus of this RFP call is for a design, which will enable the integration, deployment, and operationalization of a new, high-altitude renewable energy power plant – primarily a photovoltaic array (PVA) with the potential for supplemental wind-power-generation system deployments – located roughly 0.6 kilometers Southeast of the SO site. This location will be referred to as the ASO PVA site throughout this RFP document. The mid-latitude, high-altitude location coupled with extremely dry annual weather conditions result in the site’s consideration as ideal for efficient PVA operation.

Download the full Renewable Energy Project RFP here