The Simons Observatory (SO) mentorship program provides one-on-one mentoring between junior and senior members in SO. The program focuses on both professional development (how to write a CV, interview, apply for postdocs/faculty positions or non-academic jobs, etc.) and challenges and barriers that junior members may face (conflict with advisors, power dynamics, work/life balance, etc.) with the aim of creating a system of support for junior members.

The Mentorship program features include one-on-one mentoring via video chat/phone; Access to industry contacts; professional development seminars; and talk practice and feedback. Postdocs, grad students and bridge students can apply to be a mentee. Professors, scientists at National Labs, and postdocs can apply to be a mentor. Mentors receive one-hour initial training and one-hour supplementary training 6 months later (usually at SO meetings). Mentors commit to have at least 30 minutes of (virtual) face-to-face a month with their mentees, sustained commitment for at least one year, and quarterly check-ins with the Mentorship Committee.