Data Management & PWG

The Data Manager (DM) oversees the development of the data software pipelines required to acquire, transport, condition, and simulate the SO data, up to providing science-quality products for science analyses. The DM oversees the Pipeline Working Groups (PWG). Simone Aiola is the DM. The leads of the PWGs are:

Science and Systematics Interfaces Awareness: Yuji Chinone and Mathew Madhavacheril
Databases, Utilities, Framework: Ted Kisner
Experiment Modeling: Sara Simon
Map-Based Simulations: Andrea Zonca
Time-Domain Simulations: Reijo Keskitalo
Flagging, Conditioning, other TOD operations: Katie Harrington
QA, QC, Data Selection: Brian Koopman
Projection, Mapping, (map-space) Noise: Matthew Hasselfield
Beams, Cal, Polcal, Pointing Model: Zhilei Xu
HWP (Half Wave Plate): Satoru Takakura
Time-Resolved Map Processing: Sigurd Naess